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Trade Union Rights Recognized for Military Personnel by the European Committee of Social Rights

The European Social Charter should be interpreted as recognizing trade unions for military personnel. This is an important step towards the full recognition of the right to freedom of association for members of the armed forces. In September 2017, the European Committee on Social Rights (ECSR) decided on the complaint …

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“Military Rights Day” – National Conference of ASSODIPRO

EUROMIL is close to the problems of the Italian military over trade union rights and better protection for work and health. Italy is the European country with the most sick and dead due to missions or a few jobs on the job. On December 6th the National Conference of our …

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AUGC Demands Trade Union Rights for Guardia Civil in Spain

On 26 October 2016 the “Asociación Unificada de Guardias Civiles” (AUGC) held its 7th Congress in Madrid, Spain. EUROMIL’s President, Emmanuel Jacob, and a delegation of EUROMIL’s Spanish member association AUME participated in the event. The main topic discussed during the opening speeches was the demand for trade union rights …