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Conference – Portugal and its Armed Forces: What is the Role of the Armed Forces in Portuguese Society?

Promoted by the Professional Military Associations (the ANS – National Sergeants’ Association, the AOFA – Armed Forces Officers’ Association and the AP – Enlisted Association), a conference was held on the theme “Portugal and its Armed Forces – What role does the Armed Forces play in Portuguese Society?“, at the …

Members News – Italian Session: ASSODIPRO as unifying force among Italian trade unions

Recently, the EUROMIL’s General Assembly took place in Rome, featuring a dedicated session focused on Italy. Numerous representatives and managers from trade unions authorized by the Ministry of Defense attended the event. A prevailing concern among all participants was the inadequacy of the law on representation No. 46/2022. While everyone …

Italian Military Unions meet the Minister of Defence

On Monday 8 May, the Minister of Defence met with the Military Professional Unions (APCSM). The meeting was attended by Secretary-General Massimiliano Zetti, assisted by the Assistant Secretary-General Roberto Di Stefano from Nuovo Sindacato Carabinieri (NSC). Secretary General Massimiliano Zetti reported that Minister Crosetto agreed on the need to move …

News from Germany

Königsbronn talks: “Now the window of opportunity is there for us to grab it”. Königsbronn talks are a well-known tradition for the German security sector and the education forum of the DBwV is one of the organisers. The discussions were driven by the war in the Ukraine but nevertheless important …

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  1. European Armed Forces: State of Play 2023

    June 8 @ 10:00 am - 12:30 pm
    Brussels, Belgium