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PFEARFU: Seminar on Domestic Violence

A seminar on the topic of Domestic Violence: The Social Responsibility of the Armed Forces in Preventing and Addressing the Phenomenon was successfully organized by PFEARFU and its Gender Equality Secretariat on Wednesday, June 5th. The seminar focused on domestic violence both within and outside the Armed Forces and included …

Portuguese Military Associations want to be heard by the Minister of Defence on careers and wages

27 May 2024 On Saturday 25 May 2024, the Armed Forces’ Sergeants’, Officers’ and Enlisteds’ associations, unanimously approved a motion to hand over to the Minister of Defence, who they hope to hear from soon, about wages and careers. This position was conveyed to journalists at a press conference at …

News from CS

The Danish government, together with most of the parties in the Danish Parliament, has made an agreement for the Defense for the next nine years. The agreement covers up to 2033 but is divided into small chunks, called partial agreements, for the entire period. On Tuesday, the politicians came to …

News from Deutscher BundeswehrVerband (DBwV)

News from our German Member DBwV                                                           (1) Parliamentary evening: Defence Minister Pistorius emphasises constructive and trusting cooperation with the DBwV The German Armed Forces Association once again hosted its annual Parliamentary Evening at the Berlin Museum of Communication. Federal Chairman Colonel André Wüstner was once again able to welcome Defence …

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