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Spain: Freedom of Expression and Neutrality of Military Personnel

The Supreme Court (military chamber) has recently issued a resolution that annuls the disciplinary sanction of a soldier in Spain for making use of his right to freedom of expression (protected at Constitution and limited to military by law in certain circumstances) regarding a personal opinion over Franco’s dictatorship. The …

Denmark: Women Speak about Abusive Behaviours in the Armed Forces

In Denmark, through the program “Operation X”, current and former women in the defense forces come forward and talk about their experiences with abusive behavior and the subsequent treatment of the incidents. The Chairman of CS, Jesper K. Hansen, expressed his great respect for the women who took part in …

PFEARFU: No to the Unequal Reimbursement of Health Care Expenses for the Military

The Panhellenic Federation of Armed Forces Unions (PFEARFU) taking into account a relevant document of the Military Union of the Regional Unit of Achaia, returns to its standing request for the modification of the compensation procedure for the personnel of the Armed Forces regarding the health care costs of both …

Cheap Labour? Irish Defence Forces on Standby at Dublin Airport

Based on information from its Irish affiliates, EUROMIL understands that the Irish Government has supported a request from the Minister for Transport, Mr. Eamon Ryan, T.D. for members of the Defence Forces to undergo training and be on stand-by to assist the DAA with the provision of aviation security duties …

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