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The EU should focus on building a common military culture

A common culture is defined as a group of people who share similar beliefs, values and behaviours, language or cultural heritage. EU Members states, despite their historical or linguistic differences have succeeded in becoming stronger when working together and be united in diversity. Building a common military culture though is …

The EU should not miss the chance of a timely implementation of the Strategic Compass

The Strategic Compass, adopted in March 2022, represents a first EU “white paper” on defence, providing guidelines for the EU and the Member States to adapt and respond to the new geopolitical environment. The document aims to make the EU and the Member States capable to respond to the challenges …

Spring Session of the NATO Parliamentary Assembly – Luxembourg

From 19 to 22 May 2023, the NATO Parliamentary Assembly (NATO PA) gathered for its Spring Session in Luxembourg. The Grand Duchy of Luxembourg, founding member of NATO and staunch advocate of its shared values, welcomed over 250 NATO parliament members and more than 100 representatives from 16 partner countries …

The interconnected relationship between Climate Change and the Military Sector

According to Newton’s Third Law “for every action, there is an equal but opposite reaction”, a relation that can also be applicable in the way the Armed Forces interact with climate change and vice versa. Firstly, it is important to note that the military sector is huge greenhouse gas emitter …

EuroISME: The Future of Military Ethics

The International Society for Military Ethics in Europe (EuroISME) provides a forum for the analysis, development and sharing of best practice in the area of professional military ethics, across and beyond the European defence community. As the first organization in the area of professional military ethics where scientists, academic professors, …

The Right of Association in the Armed Forces – Citizen in Uniform

EUROMIL, as the European Organisation of military associations and trade unions is first and foremost aiming at the respect for and the application of human rights and fundamental freedoms in and by the European Armed Forces. EUROMIL’s essential consideration is that a soldier should be treated as a “citizen in …

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