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Handling the COVID-19 Pandemic in the European Armed Forces

Hardly anyone would have believed one year ago that today, in early 2021, we are still dealing with a virus that is difficult to control despite the continued global efforts to contain it. The virus and the accompanying pandemic have been regulating or disrupting our society and everyone’s individual life …

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Family and Work: Major Challenge in the Spanish Armed Forces

Family conciliation, one of the most serious problems faced by the troop and seamanship scale The case of a soldier who has managed to get a judge to recognize her right not to have guards to take care of her daughter has set a precedent for which we must fight. …

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Work-Life Balance And Gender Equality

On 19 July 2017, EU social protection and labour ministers met in Tallinn to discuss issues of work-life balance and gender equality. The ministers exchanged views and best practices on the reconciliation of work and private life with a special focus on the role of men in care responsibilities, stating …