New Leadership in ANS

Last January 31st, ANS held elections for the new Board of Directors, General Assembly and Council of Auditors, for the period 2015/2016.
José Gonçalves, Air Force Chief Master Sergeant, was elected President of the Board. Luís Bugalhão, Navy Chief Master Sergeant, was elected President of the General Assembly and Mário Pereira, Army Chief Master Sergeant, was elected President of the Council of Auditors.
Paulo Contreiras, Air Force Master Sergeant, António Taveira, Navy Master Sergeant and Carlos Colaço, Army Master Sergeant, were elected Vice-presidents of the Board. José Pereira, Air Force Master Sergeant was reelected Treasurer.
On Saturday, 28 February 2015, the elected members, the members of ANS, their families, and several institutional guests attended the formal investiture ceremony.
The new Board of Directors includes a mix of veterans and young sergeants. The veterans to carry on the experience and knowledge of the different matters ANS is dealing with. The young ones ensure that the future of the association is firmly guaranteed.
The new President of the Board, José Gonçalves, former Vice-President of the General Assembly and member of ANS since its foundation, replaces António Lima Coelho.
António Lima Coelho was elected the first time as President of the Board in January 2000 and has been in charge of it for the last fifteen years. António was also a Board Member of EUROMIL from 2006 until 2012.
António Lima Coelho and José Gonçalves will represent ANS at the 111th EUROMIL Presidium Meeting in Athens, Greece.

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