The Swedish Armed Forces budget increase to 2% of GDP

The prime minister of Sweden Magdalena Andersson announced in a statement on March 10th that the budget of The Swedish Armed Forces is going to increase to 2% of GDP as soon as possible. The budget,  the previous year was gradually raised to 1,2% of GDP.

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine has changed the state of Europe and although it is uncertain how the relations between Sweden and Russia will develop all the political parties in the Swedish parliament voted to increase the budget of the Swedish Armed Forces. The undisputed vote was not only a result of the changing state of Europe and pressure on the government applied by the other political parties and the public, but mostly from the newly activated Defence Commission with representatives from all political parties in the parliament. The commission will discuss and prepare new important parliament decisions regarding the Swedish Armed Forces.

The Swedish Association of Military Officers welcome the increase.

  • There are many ways to put the money to good use. We would like to see it being used for both basic needs which includes fuel, reparation depts, ammunition, personal equipment, and weapon systems – along with increased military personnel. Of course, we also hope that it will be used to raise all military personnel’s wages and working conditions, says Lars Fresker President of The Swedish Association of Military Officers.
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