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NEZAVISNOST Reports on Salary Increase in the Serbian Armed Forces

In the past 3 years (more precisely since June 2017), GS UPOIP NEZAVISNOST proposed and explained to the employer the need to define the planned salary increases on a non-linear basis. A non-linear increase would imply that certain categories of military employees receive a higher percentage of salary increase. These …

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Roundtable on Military Trade-Unionism and Advancing Social Dialogue in Belgrade

On 1 October 2018, EUROMIL had the pleasure to meet with representatives of Serbian military trade unions at an informal roundtable discussion focusing on the military trade-unionism and advancing the social dialogue. The meeting aimed at bringing together the relevant Serbian stakeholders to discuss the current situation in Serbia and …


Informal roundtable discussion on the military trade-unionism and advancing the social dialogue

In May 2017, EUROMIL together with OSCE ODIHR organised a joint visit to the Western Balkans region and discussed the situation of the military personnel in three countries facing common issues related to the right of association and formation of trade unions: Albania, Bosnia and Herzegovina, and Croatia. This year …