Report: Preparing the Armed Forces for Disruptive Technological Changes

In the framework of the European Policy Centre (EPC) project “The future of work – Towards a progressive agenda for all”, EUROMIL supported the EPC in carrying out research on the topic of “Preparing the armed forces for disruptive technological changes”.

The analytical report, which is now being published, looks at the implications new technologies apply on the defence and security sector, while focusing its analysis on the impact on the European armed forces. By doing so, it aims to contribute to the existing body of research, while attempting to provide an answer to the following questions:

  1. What is the skill composition of the armed forces in the European Union (EU)?
  2. Which disruptive technologies are most likely to have an impact on the European armed forces?
  3. How is the defence sector preparing itself for the integration of emerging technologies?
  4. Are there any existing best practice examples of armed forces training for the jobs of tomorrow?

The report is available here, as well as on the project website of the EPC.

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