Open Dialogue – Liga Militarilor Profesioniști (LMP) and the Ministry of National Defense (MoND)!

Open Dialogue – Liga Militarilor Profesioniști (LMP) and the Ministry of National Defense (MoND)!

On 4th of March 2021, at the headquarters of the Ministry of National Defense, in a framework open to dialogue, the delegation of the LMP, composed of Dănuț Albu – President, Oana Nuță – Director of Communication, Otilia Sava – Honorary Member and Doru Păcurar – member of the Board of Directors, was received in audience by Mr. Marius Bălu – Secretary of State and Head of the Department for Relations with Parliament and Quality of Life of Staff.

During the meeting, LMP, an associative structure actively concerned with improving the socio-professional conditions of the PSG (Professional Soldiers and Grads) Corps, presented to the decision makers within the Ministry of National Defense a set of 8-point proposals that directly address the following issues:

  • Initiating the steps to amend Law 384/2006 and to elaborate some application norms; eliminating existing discrepancies in H.G. (Government Decision) 350/2020, on soldiers and professional ranks (Law 288/2018 conditions for granting rent compensation for contracting a mortgage / real estate loan for the PSG body)
  • Modification of art. 1 of H.G. no. 1867/2005, regarding the establishment of the amount and conditions for granting the monthly compensation for rent to the active military personnel from the Ministry of National Defense, in the sense of granting a lump sum according to each garrison, for all soldiers, regardless of rank or position;
  • The issue of relocation / dismissal of soldiers and professional ranks, in the sense of publishing vacancies specific to soldiers / professional ranks in the Army Information Bulletin, while analyzing the possibility of moving from one garrison to another and issuing orders in this regard by echelons higher than the unit from which the move is requested;
  • Modification of the daily allowance in the Romanian Naval Forces, bringing it to a non-discriminatory value, taking into account the average daily allowance granted within the other structures of the Ministry of National Defense (60/65/70 euro)
  • Repeal of the General Order of the Minister of National Defense No.17/1990, possibility to settle personal transport regardless of the type of mission (delegation), secondment, visit of the VSD family and daily transport from home to the unit for those who have a distance of more than 5 km from home to the place of the work;
  • Granting a night bonus of 25% not only to the combat service (guard and communications) but also to the permanence service per unit (service officer per unit, service non-commissioned officer on checkpoint, service non-commissioned officer on car fleet, service rank, etc.);
  • Application of the provisions of MS 45/2018, granting command balances for non-commissioned officers and military foremen for the staged period of Law 153/2017;
  • Achieving a Unitary Statute of the Military.

Regarding the issue of transport rights, the representatives of Ministry of National Defense wanted to specify that a draft Government Decision is underway, meant to regulate this issue fairly. Regarding MS 45/2018, the representatives of the ministry specified that it will apply starting with 2022.

Regarding the proposals submitted by the Professional Military League, Mr. Marius Bălu – Secretary of State and Head of the Department for Relations with Parliament and Quality of Life of the staff appreciated that they are very solvable and that there is a permanent concern of decision makers for raising the quality of staff life and solving the socio-professional problems of the SGP Corps.

We are pleased to be dialogue partners of Ministry of National Defense, expressing our conviction that there is a great concern and a direct openness to finding solutions from the MoND leadership, which will be in the future, as it was till now, together with the military at the base of the hierarchy, part of the great family of the Romanian Army and pillar of resistance of the Romanian society.

We remain faithful to our belief that a sincere, constructive dialogue, based on mutual respect and human and professional appreciation, is the key to common success, for the benefit of the military structure as a whole.

Honor and Homeland!

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