One Year On: Assessing the Leadership of the Slovakian Ministry of Defence


On 21 March 2021, exactly one year passed since the new leadership took office at the Ministry of Defence of the Slovak Republic. Its representatives assess this period as a historical challenge not only in view of the pandemic, but also in term of transparency and openness of the ministry. Minister of Defence pointed out the fact that Armed Forces of the Slovak Republic confirmed that they are a really a functional and truly an important element of the country´s crisis management. At the same time, he added that the Ministry of Defence continues to help citizens to save lives and health by thousands of soldiers that are deployed daily to assist in hospitals, during tracing, testing, vaccination ore ensuring security. Considerable attention was paid to adequate all-round care for soldiers and their security, including equipment. In the next period, the leadership of the ministry wants to continue the real, transparent and intensive development of the armed forces and the fulfilment of foreign policy commitments.

The original article is available here. For more information, please contact Slovak Republic Member Association ZV SR.

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