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Now that a new wave of the COVID-19 epidemic has been registered in Denmark, the armed forces continue to protect their employees. There is still a focus on extra thorough cleaning of workplaces and employee safety. Protective agents in the form of e.g. face masks and gloves are recommended where it will be useful and hand santiser is provided where possible.

Distance between people and a reduced number of people in assemblies is still required, and employees are advised to work from home where operationally possible. It is very important for the Danish Ministry of Defence to secure the individual employee in the best possible way.

On 1 August 2020, the number of COVID-19 test centers across the country was increased. In the spring, the Ministry of Defence was given the task of supporting the health personnel in their work at the test centers. Here, soldiers primarily from the army and volunteers from the home guard have solved that task.

But from 1 August 2020, this task has been handed over to the Danish Emergency Management Agency. The Danish Emergency Management Agency is part of the Ministry of Defence and is a uniformed rescue corps that is specially trained to provide the civilian population with help and support during disasters, floods, major accidents, etc. The corps consists of a small group of officers and petty officers, the rest are conscripts. However, due to the new task at COVID-19 test centers, the defence has employed nearly 200 men and women on a constable contract until 1 January 2021. All the constables are former conscripts.

The contract has been prepared in agreement with CS, the Central Association of Permanent Defence Personnel.

This article was written by CS. For more information, please contact CS.

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