European Mental Health Week 2024

The European Mental Health Week took place from 13 to 19 May 2024, focusing on the theme of co-creation of mental health, hence the hashtag #BetterTogether.

EUROMIL supported the initiative by sharing publications and videos via social media, to raise awareness on the topic.

The Unseen Battle: Mental Health Challenges for Military Personnel

  • President Emmanuel Jacob talks about the European Mental Health Week, emphasising mental well-being for military personnel, with a focus on Ukraine:
  • Emil Halimović, from our Montenegrin member SOVCG, shares reflections on the complexities of mental health in the Armed Forces. The repercussions of existing stigma in the AFs often leave such issues hidden.
  • Roger Housen from our Belgian member ACMP-CGPM, highlights the pressing need to address mental health challenges in the Armed Forces, by raising awareness and providing support for service members before, during, and after deployment.
  • Germán Gómez Martínez, from ourn Spanish member AUGC, shares support from Civil Guards for the European Mental Health Week. As Civil Guards encounter numerous challenging situations, implementing effective measures is key.
  • Halyna Kavun, from UUMS, acknowledges the distinct challenges faced in Ukraine by soldiers and their families, and calls for addressing the issue of mental health before it’s too late.