SILF: G7 – Security is Served Cold

EUROMIL calls for European leaders to prioritize the safety and living conditions of security personnel. The statement of Emmanuel Jacob, President of EUROMIL,  follows the discovery of inhumane conditions on the Mykonos Magic cruise ship, which was supposed to host 2.600 security agents for the G7 summit. Mr Jacob emphasized the need for proper accommodations and working conditions for those protecting high-profile events, urging leaders to take immediate corrective measures.

Article from SILF:

The recent issues in Brindisi, where the Mykonos Magic cruise ship was supposed to house security forces, have proven the detractors of military unionism wrong. Those who complained that there would be no difference compared to previous personnel representation, and those who opposed the Military Union Act, have been shown otherwise. SILF (The Italian Union of Financial Workers), along with a few others, demanded and obtained respect for our colleagues deployed at this year’s most important international event in Italy. The fact that national and international media are talking about this confirms that union action must be conducted on the ground. We were and we still are in Brindisi.

In light of the above, it is essential to address a crucial issue: the political vision of security in Italy. Unfortunately, the Brindisi example demonstrates the Italian government’s and the broader politic’s disinterest toward security operators. The recent events are merely the tip of the iceberg of a short-sighted, indifferent, and opportunistic approach by those who wish to campaign at the expense of police officers.

The iceberg analogy highlights that the mismanagement of a planned and foreseeable event like the G7 is not an isolated event, but part of a broader pattern of indifference shown by the Italian government from the start of contract negotiations. Today, the work of police officers is valued less than that of a babysitter.

An ageing workforce, offensive ancillary hourly wages, and reprehensible treatment are clear indicators of a mindset that undermines the confidence of security personnel. The extent of this vision is evident as, during the G7, there are plans to grant the Army special police powers —effectively subcontracting security. Let us remember that subcontracting can be deadly in our country, and the Minister of the Interior remains silent.

In Brindisi, as at the negotiating table, we raised our barriers with pride because we are always on the side of those who work hard and risk their lives. For everyone else, there are philosophers and thinkers.

To our colleagues in the Guardia di Finanza: SILF is with you, and the facts bear witness to this.

Francesco Zavattolo
Secretary General, SILF

Read the press release here (in Italian language).

For more information on the Mykonos Magic ship, read this article.
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