PFEARFU: Seminar on Domestic Violence

A seminar on the topic of Domestic Violence: The Social Responsibility of the Armed Forces in Preventing and Addressing the Phenomenon was successfully organized by PFEARFU and its Gender Equality Secretariat on Wednesday, June 5th.

The seminar focused on domestic violence both within and outside the Armed Forces and included the presentation of a Concise Guide for Assistance and Protection & an Informative Guide for the Prevention and Handling of Domestic Violence in the Armed Forces.

The speakers on the panel of the event were: Maria-Andriani Kostopoulou, Ph.D., President of the Group of Experts on Action against Violence against Women and Domestic Violence (GREVIO) & Deputy Director, IOMC; Archpriest Fr. Antonios Kalligieris, Educator – Coordinator of the Initiative for the Prevention of Domestic Violence of the Youth and Family Foundation of the Holy Archdiocese of Athens; Cpt Sofia Vagena, President of Rights and Equality of Police Personnel & Member of the Board of POASY; and Giorgos Nikolaidis, Adult Educator & Coordinator of the Gender Alliance.

The seminar was opened by Mr. Dimitrios Rotas, President of PFEARFU, followed by the screening of a video related to NATO’s “HeForShe” campaign “He for She,” in which members of the PFEARFU Board of Directors participated.

More information available here

PFEARFU’s video based on the NATO campaign HeForShe (in Greek)

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