Priorities of the Belgian Presidency of the EU Council

On 1st January, Belgium takes over the Presidency of the EU Council. The six-month Belgian Presidency follows Spain, and will be followed by Hungary from 1 July till 31 December 2024.

The Belgian presidency will focus on 6 main priorities:

  1. Defending rule of law, democracy, and unity
  2. Strengthening EU’s competitiveness
  3. Pursuing a green and just transition
  4. Reinforcing the social and health agenda
  5. Protecting people and borders
  6. Promoting a global Europe

Concerning the protection of people and borders, the EU needs to safeguard its citizens and thus to move forward with a more integrated EU in security and defence. According to the Belgian Presidency priorities, a main focus will be on strengthening the European Defence Technological and Industrial Base (EDTIB).

More on security and defence, the Presidency will focus on the implementation of the Strategic Compass and the development of the EU Rapid Deployment Capacity, so to reach fully operational status by 2025. In this regard, it is essential to make sure that command and control structures are fit for purpose. Besides, the aim will also be to increase capabilities and strengthen resilience in multiple domains, as cybersecurity, space, military mobility. The Women, Peace and Security Agenda (WPS) will be a guiding principle in the policy making. To continue, Belgium will also boost cooperation with like-minded partners, and especially with NATO, based on the principles agreed under the EU-NATO 3rd Joint Declaration. Lastly, it is important to note, that support to Ukraine remains vital and will be a core mission for the Presidency.

Overall, and under the motto “Protect, Strengthen, Prepare”, the Belgian  Presidency will work for citizens’ protection, strengthening cooperation and preparing the EU for a shared future.

The official website of the Belgian Presidency is available here.


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