Pan-Hellenic Protest in Athens by Security and Armed Forces

In an atmosphere of deep mourning, but also of anger and indignation for the unexpected death of the 29-year-old bicyclist of the DIAS Team (Police), in Aspropyrgos, was held yesterday, in Athens, the pan-Hellenic protest rally that was originally planned, for the cowardly murderous attack against the platoon of YAT and the serious injury of the 31-year-old colleague in Rentis, gathered from all over Greece thousands of Policemen, Firefighters, Coastguards, Military, in the energy and demobilization. A march followed to the Parliament, where, paying tribute to all colleagues who “left” prematurely from us, as victims at the altar of duty, we lit white candles in their memory.

Following the statements from our Greek colleagues, “At the same time, we staged a sit-in protest, until the moment the Director of the Prime Minister’s Office, Mr. Michael BEKIRIS, came to receive the Resolution. The delegation of the Federations, while handing Mr. BEKIRIS the Resolution addressed to the Prime Minister himself, Mr. Kyriakos MITSOTAKIS, pointed out to him the messages we are sending to the entire political world and which are being asked to take seriously, at least this time, all Political Parties. The cry of anguish of the Security Forces and the Armed Forces, which was expressed in dramatic tones in the Resolution, but also with all the speeches, slogans and banners, if ignored this time too, we emphasized to him that they would signal a lack of empathy and the flagrant taunting of all servants on the part of this Government as well, as happened in the past, with others. We call on the Prime Minister to put an end to the insecurity experienced by the state’s human resources who are destined to serve the internal and external security of the country, investing in policies to shield it from the dangers that threaten it and, finally, satisfying our long-standing request for the recognition in practice of the dangerousness of the work.”

Press release (in Greek)


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