PFEARFU: Military personnel exposure to the dangerous and carcinogenic material asbestos

PFEARFU returns to the -already raised- subject of the exposure of military personnel to the dangerous and carcinogenic material asbestos. Greek Armed Forces personnel (both permanent and conscript personnel) was given the order to work at a facility granted by the Air Force. Α delayed control carried out by a private company -after the issue was highlighted by PFEARFU- found out that the extremely dangerous and carcinogenic for human health asbestos material was found in the facility’s structural elements. PFEARFU reinstates the proposals that it had previously submitted regarding -among others- the temporary suspension of work at the above-mentioned facility until the area is made safe for personnel to work and the control of the installation for the presence or absence of asbestos in its structural elements. The protection of the health of the military personnel and, by extension, the defence of their lives is an individual and social right enshrined in the Constitution of Greece and it is the responsibility of all of us to preserve it.

Read the full press release here. (Greek language)

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