Contingency Plan After Termination of Outsourced Cleaning Service in the Spanish Army

Abstract – The approval of the Order HAP / 1169/2016 of 14 July 2016 resulted in a situation, where the Spanish army is legally unable to hire outsourced cleaning services for its facilities. Awaiting a Council of Ministers decision to end this dilemma, the Directorate Quartering adopted general guidelines allowing the deployment of military personnel for the performance of cleaning tasks. These contingency plans will enter into force, once the agreements with the outsourced contractors are terminated. Within the plans it is specified in which areas troops can be used for cleaning and which areas are excluded.

EUROMIL’s Spanish member ATME suggests its members to activate the complaints mechanism, should they be deployed for other activities in the contingency plan. For this and other procedures, ATME offers legal advice to its member.

The original article is available here. For more information, please contact ATME.

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