AUME Elects New Board for 2021-2024

On 9 May 2021 AUME held its Annual General Assembly with the election of a new Board, which left integrated by following ten members: Secretary-General Iñaki Unibaso, Iván Alcántara (Secretary of Organization), Rafael Cabañas (Secretary of Finances), Fidel Gómez, José Luis Rugeros, José Vicente Maleno, Raúl Lorente, Alejandro Gutiérrez, Miguel Ángel Fernández, Enrique Ginés Roger. Four former members and Six newcomers joint the Board.

For the first time since the founding of AUME, historical leader of the Association Jorge Bravo is not taking part in the executive body, although closely he will support the activities of the Association. Bravo has been a pioneer of the professional associations of the military in Spain, whose activism and strong voice defending the rights and dignity of their comrades has entailed disciplinary sanctions on various occasions spending several months in military prisons.

Approved by the General Assembly, Strategic Plan of the new Board of AUME over period 2021-2024 includes the following main aims:

. Bargaining claim on professional conditions of workers-in-uniform
. Maintaining campaign for fair remunerations
. Exercising of fundamental rights as any other citizen
. Equality Men & Women in the barracks
. Human Rights and democratic values in the armed forces
. Integral Law of military career
. Reinforce internal training
. Strengthen visibility associative representatives network
. Professional associationism awareness within the military
. Promotion of joint action between professional associations
. Develop European vocation throught its membership of EUROMIL
. AUME as the only Spanish professional association of a transversal nature (all ranks)

For more information please do not hesitate to contact AUME.

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