An Armed Forces Made Up Of Soldiers Paid With Almost 1.000 Euro

Abstract – The salary paid to the soldiers in Spain is between 1.000 and 1.150 Euro, therefore the second lowest salary paid to European soldiers just after the Portuguese. This article narrates the difficulties found by the Spanish soldiers to find a way to reach the end of each month with the current payments in the Armed Forces.

Moreover if one compares the military salary to the recently updated salary of the State Security Forces like the Guardia Civil and National Police, the differences between those base employees and soldiers can be more than the 70% of net salary in favour of the Guardia civil and National Police. So the possibility to conciliate professional and family life due to the special circumstances of daily work, long periods of absences and poor salaries, makes the military one of the worst places to join in the labour market.

The full article was published in collaboration with AUME by “El Confidencial” and is available here. For more information, please contact AUME.


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