ANS Hold Elections

The presidents of the three bodies: António Lima Coelho, president of the Board; Luís Bugalhão, president of the General Assembly; Mário Pereira, president of the Fiscal Council.

Following the electoral act of January 30, the leaders who will lead the destinies of ANS – National Association of Sergeants, during the 2021/2022 biennium, took office on February 24.

In this “Taking Over” act, contrary to what is tradition in ANS and due to the pandemic situation, institutional guests, similar associations, members, families and friends were not present.Bearing in mind the need to comply with health security measures, and aware of the citizenship duties that we are all obliged to, the “Taking Over” ceremony took place between 15H00 and 20H00, avoiding the concentration of new leaders at the headquarters of ANS, assigning to each of those who could be present a specific time to do so.But because life goes on and the demands regarding the defense of the socio-professional conditions of the universe ANS represents are always present, it is fundamental, necessary and urgent to continue the associative work. So, this new team is now in charge to give its best, trying to respond to the responsibility that the associates placed on them by electing them to be the voice of the Portuguese Sergeants, through their representative association: ANS!

For more information please contact ANS.

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