EUROMIL Statement on the Two Greek Soldiers Arrested by Turkey

Earlier this month, two Greek soldiers have been arrested by Turkish authorities after having crossed the Greek-Turkish border during a night-patrol in bad weather conditions. While the patrol team claims they have been tracing footsteps which might have belonged to illegal migrants, the Turkish authorities refuse to release them to Greece on the suspicion of espionage.

EUROMIL calls upon

  • The Greek and the Turkish authorities to resolve the case by diplomatic means and channels, especially considering their status as NATO allies.
  • The Turkish authorities to return the two soldiers without delay to Greece.
  • The European authorities to urge Turkey to hand over the patrol guards to Greece and continue investigations via diplomatic ways.

EUROMIL shares the opinion that military personnel in uniform and in execution of their duties, should be granted immunity and that such a conflict should be resolved diplomatically by the affected states.

More background information on the case can be found amongst others on Euronews and the Guardian.


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