Polish Professional Soldiers Elect New Representatives

On 5 December 2016 the Polish professional soldiers elected representatives for the next term. During a secret ballot CAPT (N) Wiesław Banszewski was elected as the new chairman of KONWENT.

In accordance with the Ordinance of the Minister of National Defence of 28 June 2004 on representative bodies of professional soldiers, KONWENT holds elections every three years. During a democratic election campaign soldiers in all military units and institutions can elect a “Man of Trust” amongst themselves in a secret ballot. The elected will serve as voluntary representative before their superior. The “Men of Trust” elect senior officers who represent the interests of soldiers depending on their respective branch of the armed forces. The senior officers in turn elect the chairman of KONWENT amongst themselves. The chairman represents all Polish professional soldiers before the Minister of National Defence, the highest commanders, the state authorities and the public. The first representation of Polish soldiers was established on 12 April 1995 during democratic election and exists until now, as the “Council of senior officers of the Polish professional soldiers” or short: KONWENT.

For the term 2017-2019 the following senior officers were elected to KONWENT:
As chairman of KONWENT: CAPT (N) Wiesław Banaszewski
Senior Officer of the Air Forces: LTC Krzysztof Jewgiejuk
Senior Officer of the Polish Navy: CAPT (N) Andrzej Dolecki
Senior Officer of the Special Forces: COL Grzegorz Piotrowski
Senior Officer of the Inspectorate for Armed Forces Support: LTC Waldemar Czaplicki

The new chairman of KONWENT, Wiesław Banszewski, graduated the Military Academy of Engineering Forces in 1985. He fulfilled his duty in engineering units of the navy and held all positions from the platoon commander to the battalion chief of staff, in command of the 8th Flotilla of Coastal Defence as an mobilisation officer, senior officer of operational directorate and combat readiness and the mobilisation section. During the service in the command of the 8th Flotilla he was elected as a “Man of Trust”. Since 2004 he served in the general staff of the Polish armed forces, in the general operational directorate and in the operational planning directorate. In 2007 his uniformed colleagues elected him as a “Man of Trust” for the second time in his career. In 2008 and 2010 he was voluntarily serving as a deputy of the senior officer of the Polish professional soldiers corps of the Ministry of National Defence units and institutions. Since February 2011 he has been holding the function of senior officer of the Polish professional soldiers corps of the Ministry of National Defence units and institutions.

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