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European Organisation of Military Association

European Organisation of Military Associations
and Trade Unions

ANS Hold Elections

The presidents of the three bodies: António Lima Coelho, president of the Board; Luís Bugalhão, president of the General Assembly; Mário Pereira, president of the Fiscal Council. Following the electoral act of January 30, the leaders who will lead the destinies of ANS – National Association of Sergeants, during the …

Commission on the Defence Forces: Irish Member Associations Highlight Major Challenges

Established in December 2020, the Commission on the Defence Forces (the Commission) is tasked with assessing both the immediate requirements of the Defence Forces, including the Reserve Forces, as well as the longer-term vision for beyond 2030. The Commission is open to public consultation, however, on 16 February 2021, EUROMIL’s …

News from Germany

Female soldiers in the German army Since the Tanja Kreil case in 2000 the Deutsche BundeswehrVerband highlights its ambitions regarding support and normalize the legislative achievement of women as professional soldiers in the German armed forces. Allowing for the always changing demand on professionalized German Army women contribute an outstanding …

News from Greece

PFEARFU Secretariat for Gender Equality: Break the Silence – Speak Up, No Tolerance of Gender Violence PFEARFU released an announcement on the 17th of January, 2021 in support of the famous Greek athlete Ms. Sofia Bekatorou’s testimony of the sexual abuse she went through as a sailing champion, at an …

Danish Unions fight for ‘The Danish model’

CS  together with other professional organizations have just made an agreement for employees in the Danish Defense, which is valid for the next three years When government employees’ working conditions and wage limits are to be determined, this is done in Denmark through negotiations between the employees’ Unions and representatives …

Better Pay for the Belgian Military

A substantial pay rise, meal vouchers, better payment for readiness activities and deployments, a bonus for instructors and a whole host of other measures to make the military profession attractive. But above all: finally enough euros and the political will to make it all possible. After more than 15 years …

EuroISME Student Prize Open for Submissions

The International Society for Military Ethics (EuroISME) have opened up submissions for the 2022 edition of the student competition for the best European thesis on military ethics. EuroISME is a forum for the analysis, development and sharing of best practice in the areas of professional military ethics, across and beyond …

Vaccination Scandal in the Spanish Armed Forces: Outrage of AUME

It was revealed, in the end of January 2021, that some high-ranking officials from the Spanish armed forces misused COVID-19 vaccines foreseen for military personnel engaged in operation. The scandal, which was strongly criticized by EUROMIL Spanish member association AUME, led to the resignation of the Chief of Defence,  General …

The Same Duties, The Same Risks?

As the COVID-19 pandemic approaches one year since its initial outbreak, a glimmer of hope has appeared on the horizon: the rollout of vaccines across EU Member States, in December 2020, is a bright light at the end of what was an incredibly dark year. Giving her official approval before …

Better Working Conditions Agreed for Armed Forces of Malta

EUROMIL welcomes the €8.2 million agreement reached between the Maltese Government and the General Workers’ Union (GWU) in November 2020. After internal restructuring, the Union representing the Armed Forces of Malta (AFM) has established a committee within the GWU and the recent agreement has committed to ensuring better working conditions …

Spanish Professional Military Associations: Absent From the Military Easter

AUME denounces that the yearly act of the military in the Royal Palace, called PASCUA MILITAR (“Military Easter”), is going to be held for another year without the presence of the representatives of the Professional Associations, which means ignoring a fundamental instance of the Armed Forces in a democratic state. …

Priorities of the Portuguese EU Council Presidency

On 1 January 2021, Portugal takes over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the 4th time. The Presidency rotates every 6 months and will be held by Portugal in the first half of 2021. To ensure coherency, three Presidencies are grouped together – Portugal shares the …

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