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  • Königsbronn talks: “Now the window of opportunity is there for us to grab it”.

Königsbronn talks are a well-known tradition for the German security sector and the education forum of the DBwV is one of the organisers. The discussions were driven by the war in the Ukraine but nevertheless important topics like the climate and environment policies were also debated. The overall conclusion was that talking is relevant but now we need actions.

  • BundeswehrVerband welcomes more than 500 guests

The DBwV organised its annual parliamentary evening with more than 500 guests like security and defence ministers, politicians and representatives from the different parties. Defence minister Pistorius and DBwV Chairman Wüstner held just two of the interesting speeches on that evening. Both mentioned the big and still growing relevance of the armed forces for the society.

  • Pistorius confirms reorganization of the Ministry of Defense – Wüstner: “Long overdue to knock off individual encrustations”.

The new minister for defence is changing the personal in the ministry. The DBwV Chairman Wüstner welcomes this step and finds it necessary since a long time ago. This shows the courage and structuredness of the new minister.

  • Bundeswehr cannot fullfill goals of NATO

The German Armed Forces cannot fullfill the NATO goals because of the lacking material, weapons and personal. Highly relevant is the promised Division 2025 and overall the deployment capability is insufficent.

  • Defense report gives poor report card

Every year the defense representative publishes a report on the state of the Armed Forces in Germany. This year the report shows again in terrible numbers and figures how much investment the forces need. DBwV Chairman Wüstner demands changes since months but the politicians hesitate.

  • Munich Security Conference kicks off – DBwV Federal Chairman in demand as expert

The Munich Security Conference it known all over the world as one of the most important conference for experts in the field of security. The Chairman of the DBwV held a speech including the topic, how the Armed Forces can be better equipped.

  • Collective agreement result can keep pace with other sectors

The mediators of the collective bargaining reached a consensus. The DBwV and its members welcomed the decision which was at previous bargainings always transferred to the conditions for the Armed Forces.

  • Close to home, future-oriented and assertive

The northern district held its state executive committee with around 240 delegates. In three days important positions and roles will be elected. Beside the elections there will be talks in different groups about future collaboration.

More information available here (in German language).

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