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The Danish government, together with most of the parties in the Danish Parliament, has made an agreement for the Defense for the next nine years. The agreement covers up to 2033 but is divided into small chunks, called partial agreements, for the entire period. On Tuesday, the politicians came to an agreement on partial settlement 2, where almost DKK 90 billion Danish kroner, will be used for several new initiatives.

The main points of the sub-agreement are more conscripts, the possibility of paid education if the soldier stays a certain number of years in the military (civilian education), the purchase of various military equipment, including ammunition and air defense missiles, as well as the creation of a ‘heavy brigade’ with 6,000 soldiers.

Central Association of Permanent Defense Personnel (CS) has been a big proponent of the possibility of saving for an education alongside service in the military, and this is one of the points in the settlement that we are particularly pleased to see become a reality.

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