National Congress ITAMIL

On 23 March 2024, the Italian military “association with trade union character” organised its 3rd Congress in Palermo (Italy).

The Congress came at the same moment as the official announcement that ITAMIL has been recognised under the new law as a representative organisation representing the Army, counting almost 4% of members. “I’m happy to learn that meanwhile, ITAMIL has not only reached the 2% barrier but now stands at 4% of the Army’s strength. I want to congratulate ITAMIL’s leadership for that as well as all delegates and members that made this possible” EUROMIL’s President Emmanuel Jacob said in his speech addressing the Congress. George Zgardanas, Board Member of EUROMIL and representing the Greek association PFEARFU added that “this milestone demonstrates the commitment and perseverance that the ITAMIL trade union has dedicated to its representatives. The work carried out by ITAMIL, especially in the context of a representation law that we know is not adequate, is a key element in protecting the rights of members of the Army.”

Emmanuel Jacob was asked to talk about the evolution of labour rights for military personnel in Italy and the need for standardizing salaries and pensions within the European context. For what concerns the first, Jacob emphasized that “despite significant advancements in labour rights across various sectors in Italy, the reality remains that Italian soldiers are not always treated on par with other workers, particularly within the security sector, such as the police force. This discrepancy is deeply ingrained in the historical and cultural fabric of the nation, where the military is often perceived as a distinct entity with its own set of rules and regulations”.

There is a pressing need for greater cooperation and coordination at the EU level to address the complexities of workers’ taxes and social security.” Jacob underlined. “While respecting the principle of subsidiarity and the autonomy of member states in these matters, the EU must explore avenues for enhancing convergence and ensuring a more seamless experience for workers moving within the single market”.

ITAMIL’s press release (in Italian).

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