Minimum Wages, Poverty and Social Exclusion

European Directive on Minimum Wages:
  • EMPL Committee vote in favour of Draft Report on the Commission proposal on a Directive for adequate minimum wages (11 November 2021)
  • Commission’s proposal for EU rules on adequate minimum wages welcomed by MEPs. Law should ensure employers do not deduct the costs for carrying out work, like accommodation or equipment, from minimum wages.
  • ETUC recommendations for changes to Directive: Document considers both statutory minimum wages in tandem with strengthened collective bargaining processes
  • ETUC Myths Debunked: document outlines the myths and realities of the Directive
  • Eurofound Report on Minimum Wages in 2021: Summarises how minimum wage rates for 2021 were set during 2020 – the year marked by the COVID-19 pandemic. Reviews the difficulties for national decision-makers and how they reacted to the challenges of the economic and social fall-out of the pandemic when making decisions regarding the minimum wage. Maps the extent to which minimum wages were referred to in COVID-19-related support measures. Discusses advances made on the EU initiative on adequate minimum wages and maps the reactions of the EU-level social partners and national decision-makers. The report is accompanied by two complementary working papers: one providing an analysis of developments for low-paid employees and minimum wage workers over the past decade; the other summarising the most recent research on minimum wages in EU countries, Norway and the UK
  • Key legislative documents on minimum wages
  • European Council agreement on Commission proposal for Minimum Wages regulations (December 2021)
  • European Council and European Parliament reach provisional agreement on draft directive on adequate minimum wages. Since early January 2022, eight rounds of negotiations between the Council and the European Parliament took place. (June 2022)
Equal labour conditions for digital platform workers:
Women more at risk of poverty and social exclusion:
A Strong Social Europe: