Italian Ministers Call For Common European Defence

EUROMIL read with great interest the statement of the Italian Prime Minister Mr. Matteo Renzi following the attacks of 22 March in Brussels claimed by the Islamic State group: “Europe must go all the way this time. We must invest in a common security and defence structure”.

EUROMIL equally welcomes the declarations  of the Italian Minister of Defence, Roberta Pinotti, and the Italian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Paolo Gentiloni, in Le Monde and La Repubblica of 10 August 2016 on a common European defence: “Its revival will not only allow us to strengthen our operational capacity in areas of crisis, in the fight against terrorism and increase the efficiency of our resources, but also to achieve significant political impact, highlighting our commitment to concretely supporting the integration project.

The full statement can be found here. EUROMIL wrote a letter to the Ministers, which is available here.

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