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LGBTI Rights in the Security Sector

June 6, 2019 - July 15, 2019

| Category : EUROMIL events

An online discussion organised by the European Organisation of Military Associations and Trade Unions (EUROMIL) and hosted by Friends of Europe on Debating Security Plus (DS+), June-July 2019

The principle of non-discrimination as well as the right to privacy are enshrined in a number of international human rights instruments. However, while some countries have adopted laws and policies to promote equality and non-discrimination based on sexual orientation or gender identity in the security sector, others are still reluctant to recognize equal rights to LGBTI people and sometimes ban their access to security forces.

This discussion will explore the current situation with regard to the human rights and fundamental freedoms of LGBTI people in the security sector across Europe and will discuss experience and best practices as well as the role of associations in promoting LGBTI equality and acting towards an inclusive security sector.

Can sexual orientation or gender identity constitute a ground to prevent access to the armed forces, or for discharge? Is data on discrimination, harassment and abuse against LGBTI security forces personnel available? How should complaints be dealt with? What kind of measures to prevent discrimination and violence should be adopted? What kind of policy to promote diverse and inclusive armed forces should be implemented? What is the role of professional military and police associations or any other association in defending and promoting the rights of LGBTI personnel in the security forces? These and other questions should be addressed in the discussion.

The discussion will have a particular focus on the armed forces and will remain online for a month, starting as of 6 June 2019. Each week, a video message will be published on the page of the discussion. Guests on the platform will be able to react, in writing, by asking questions and commenting on the topic.

About DS+
Debating Security Plus is a global online brainstorm that aims to yield concrete recommendations to global security challenges. In 2019, it focuses on the changing nature of warfare and its implication for the global thinking on peace, security and defence. The human dimension is included in the exercise. Participants include representatives from the military, parliaments, governments, multinational institutions, as well as civil society, industry, the media, think tanks and academia. A report including main recommendations will be issued at the end of the year.

Requests to become a member of the platform should be made to Antonia Erlandsson, Programme Manager, at

Organiser : EUROMIL & Friends of Europe


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