EUROMIL Declaration on Ukraine

During the 129th EUROMIL General Assembly held in Lisbon (Portugal), in the presence of the Ukrainian Union of Military and Security (UUMS) delegation, the Assembly discussed and endorsed a Declaration on Ukraine. The Declaration echoes the objectives of the ETUC Ukraine Summit Declaration from Lublin (Poland) of 23 April 2024.

The Declaration states EUROMIL’s support for Ukraine, reaffirming its commitment to defending the fundamental rights, dignity, and well-being of all those who serve in the armed forces and condemning acts of aggression and violations of international law. EUROMIL also expresses its unwavering support for their right to sovereignty, territorial integrity, and self-determination of Ukrainian people. Furthermore, the Declaration emphasises the importance of dialogue and cooperation and the need for collective efforts to de-escalate tensions and resolve the crisis.

Recognising that military personnel are citizens in uniform, the Declaration underscores the critical importance of ensuring the active involvement and representation of military personnel, combatants, and both current and future veterans in Ukraine to foster inclusivity, provide support services, and facilitate their reintegration and rehabilitation. EUROMIL calls upon the recognition of the intrinsic connection between military personnel and civilian society to strive towards a future peace, prosperity and solidarity in Europe.

Read the Declaration here.

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