Creation Of The First UK Independent Defence Authority

EUROMIL was informed that on 1 December 2020, the first Independent Defence Authority in the United Kingdom (UK) has been created. This is the first initiative to represent military personnel in the UK through an independent body.

The mission of the Independent Defence Authority is to provide more cost effective independent representation for all uniformed members of the UK military and veterans in order to enhance the moral component of fighting power. The objective is to better authenticate the authority of the Chain of Command in order to better deliver critical Defence output, by providing an independent safe space for an unsafe conversation. The remit is to eradicate the concealment of injustice in the UK Armed Forces and improve operational effectiveness.

EUROMIL congratulates its colleagues in the UK on the creation of this body, wishes them all the best and stands ready to support them in their challenges.

The website of the Independent Defence Authority can be accessed here.

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