Appeal of the Itamil Army Association for a Strategic Renewal

In a heartfelt appeal addressed to Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, Defence Minister Guido Crosetto, and the Military Summit, the Itamil Army Association calls for a strategic shift before investing in new weaponry. The focus should be on innovative and bold actions to strengthen our armed forces.

The proposed measures include rebalancing the Army and Police Forces, establishing a Military Police, forming a National Reserve, merging Police Forces into a unified entity, demilitarizing the Finance Guard, and reforming Military Tribunals and Codes.

The Itamil Army Association is resolute in facing future challenges, both domestically and internationally, and seeks to restore equilibrium between the Army and Police Forces.

Recent legislation, such as the Di Paola Law and the Defence Model 244, has led to a significant reduction in our Army’s personnel and infrastructure. This has resulted in ageing personnel, exhaustive shifts, and clear disparities compared to the Police Forces.

While 306,000 security operators demand increased resources, our Army, with only 96,000 soldiers, must manage services, surveillance, national emergencies, and regular training activities.

The Army personnel, exhausted, disillusioned, and ageing, have awaited concrete measures addressing their specific concerns since 2010.

Prior to investing in new armaments, a decisive intervention in the Army’s budget is imperative.

The call is to restore the Army to at least 150,000 soldiers, initiate legislative actions like establishing a “Military Police,” and unify Police Forces into a single State Corps.

To support personnel engaged in peace missions and handle internal surveillance and emergencies, the proposal includes forming a Military Reserve Corps. This corps would comprise retired military, auxiliary members, former military personnel, and civilians who voluntarily accept recalls, with adequate economic, insurance, and job security coverage.

In conclusion, essential reforms are needed for Military Codes and Military Tribunals. Cost reduction in Military Tribunals and the establishment of an internal section in regular courts in Rome could lead to significant savings and address staffing shortages in regions combating organized crime like the Campania, Calabria, and Sicily.

Beyond that, the return of Military, Carabinieri, and Finance Guard personnel to their respective barracks is advocated.

There is confidence that this government possesses the strength and numerical support to renew defence, making it efficient, modern, and, above all, operational.

Now more than ever, it is time to take decisive action.

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