ANS updates the “Aspirations Booklet”

Last Saturday, 18 November 2023, in the Auditorium of the Oeiras Social Action Centre (CAS-Oeiras) of the Armed Forces Social Action Institute (IASFA), the ANS – National Sergeants’ Association, held a “National Sergeants’ Conference”.

As the aim of this initiative was to revise and update the so-called “Aspirations Booklet”, the Conference was divided into four main panels, comprising “Training/Education”, “Military Legislation”, “Social Support” and “The Remuneration Regime”.

This was the culmination of a process that began several months ago with the collection of contributions from leaders, delegates, members and Sergeants in general on the topics being analysed. Debating the socio-professional situation of Sergeants, as well as reflecting on the necessary legislative changes that most affect this universe of citizens, will lead to possible ways of acting and resisting, defending the Military Condition.

In accordance with the decision of the “National Sergeants’ Conference”, the ANS delivered the “Aspirations Booklet” that resulted from the work. On 23 November, the document was delivered at the Prime Minister’s official residence, where the leaders were received by his Military and Security Advisor.



Last Monday, 27 November, a delegation of ANS leaders delivered a copy of the “Aspirations Booklet” to the Head of the Military Household of the Presidency of the Republic, for the information of the President of the Republic and Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces.

On 27 November, copies of this “Aspirations Booklet” were also sent via email to other civilian and military entities, such as the Minister of National Defence, the National Defence Commission of the Portuguese Parliament, the Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces and the Chiefs of Staff of the Navy, Army and Air Force.

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