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On Duty in the Extreme Arctic

Danish CS’ members are drawn to the Arctic’s sense of community, the operative tasks, and the beautiful nature. However, as the ice melts and great power competition intensifies, one military analyst argue that CS’ Artic members must soon run even faster to keep up. The Arctic region is known as …

PFEARFU: Domestic Violence Awareness Campaign for the Military Personnel

PFEARFU started a campaign against domestic violence for the military personnel. Gender-based violence in all its forms, and especially domestic violence, is characterized by a high crime rate, as most forms of domestic violence take place in a context of privacy. At the same time, the culture of tolerance of …

Strengthening & Defending TU Rights for Public Sector: 2nd Regional Meeting Takes Place

The second regional meeting in EUROMIL’s joint project with EPSU and EuroCOP took place on 16 and 17 November 2021. The meeting focused on strengthening and defending trade union rights in the public sector in the context of Bulgaria, Hungary, Czech Republic, Slovakia and Romania. The two morning sessions followed …

Spanish Military Call for ‘Dignified Remunerations’ in Madrid

Updated 18 October 2021 As scheduled, the demonstration of Spanish military, called by the three main professional associations, was held on 16 October under the moto: dignified remunerations. The march passed through the city center of Madrid to the Parliament building, where the representatives of AUME, ASFASPRO and ATME took …

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