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European Organisation of Military Association

European Organisation of Military Associations
and Trade Unions

Military Trade Unionism Discussed in Rome

Gerard Guinan, General Secretary of PDFORRA, recently attended a meeting on behalf of EUROMIL organised by Senator Vincenzo D’Arienzo for members of the Italian Armed Forces representative bodies. The meeting was well attended with representatives from the Army, Navy, Air Force, Guardia de Finanzia and Carbenerri. The meeting was moderated …

PFEARFU met with Greek Deputy Minister of National Defence

Abstract – On Monday, 26 August 2019 PFEARFU held a formal meeting with the Deputy Minister of National Defence, Mr. Alkiviadis Stefanis. During the meeting the main issue discussed, was the Deputy Minister’s proposal for a new Corps of Non Commissioned Officers. He stressed that there would be a comprehensive social dialogue on …

HKKF to the New Danish Minister for Defence: We are Ready to Cooperate to Achieve the Grand Visions

On 27 June 2019, Trine Bramsen took office as Denmark’s new Minister for Defence, and on 17 August 2019, she presented her visions for the Danish Defence in a feature article. In the article, she states that she wants to focus on the employees of the Danish Defence, implementation of …

Portuguese Ministry of Defence Rules Out Trade Union Rights of Military Associations

Abstract – The military professional associations in Portugal (ANS, AOFA, AP) members of EUROMIL, promoted several events and debates concerning the trade union rights for military, following decisions made public by the European Committee of Social Rights (ECSR). In these events were present different participants and guests including members of …

PFEARFU Met Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs

Abstract – On Thursday, 1 August 2019 PFEARFU, one of EUROMIL’s Greek member associations, held a formal meeting with the Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Affairs, Mr. Panagiotis Mitarachi. During the meeting the PFEARFU delegation stressed the issues of the working time directive, pensions and allowances for hazardous duties. The …

Iberian Meeting on Military Rights

The University of Évora (Portugal), with the participation of military associations from Portugal and Spain, promoted a debate on the social rights of citizens in uniform. The Interdisciplinary Center of Social Sciences of the University of Évora (CICS.NOVA.UÉvora) promoted Friday, 19 July 2019, in Évora, the 1st Iberian Meeting – Armed …

First ever LGBTQI event at NATO

On 6 June 2019, the European Organisation of Military Associations and Trade Unions (EUROMIL), the Permanent Representation of Belgium to NATO and the Joint Delegation of Canada to NATO, co-hosted a panel discussion on “Integrating LGBTQI Perspectives in Allied and Partner Armed Forces” at the NATO Headquarters in Brussels. The …

Priorities of the Finnish EU Council Presidency

On 1 July 2019, Finland takes over the Presidency of the Council of the European Union for the third time since its accession to the EU in 1995. The Presidency rotates every six months and will be held by Finland in the second half of 2019 and by Croatia in …

The Right to Strike: The Cat is Out of the Bag!

Several months ago, I wrote the article “The Right to Strike: Like a Bull in a China Shop?”. With this article, linked to 35 country factsheets published by EPSU in collaboration with the ETUI on the right to strike in the public sector, I questioned the right to strike in …

Bringing Defence Issues to the Public’s Attention

It is important that the public relates to the armed forces, just as they relate to other institutions in our society. CS wants to have a public discussion of, what the Danish defence can and cannot do with the current size and budget. In June, the small Danish island of …

Mission Critical – Inclusive Leadership for the Security Sector

From 18-20 June 2019, the German Marshall Fund,, Deutscher.Soldat and EUROMIL organised  the 5th edition of the “Mission Critical – Inclusive Leadership for the Security Sector”, which took place in Berlin, Germany. The first day was organised by the German Federal Ministry of Defence and hosted by the Canadian …

Women In Ground Combat Units, Does It Really Make Sense?

The following is an opinion piece by Roger Housen of ACMP-CGPM. For more information, please contact ACMP-CGPM. In a considerable number of countries, women are still not allowed to serve in ground combat units. Military as well as political reasons are given to justify this provision. As a former commander …

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