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European Organisation of Military Association

European Organisation of Military Associations
and Trade Unions

ATME Reaches Collaboration Agreement With The Federation of Municipalities of the Region of Murcia

Abstract – ATME, one of EUROMIL’s Spanish member associations, reached a collaboration agreement with the Federation of Municipalities of the region of Murcia: An agreement in accordance with the provisions of Organic Law 9/2011, of July 27, rights and duties of members of the Armed Forces, by which associations can …

ATME Meets New Spokesman of Popular Party In Defence Commission

Abstract – On January 22, ATME, one of EUROMIL’s Spanish member associations, organised a meeting at the Congress of Deputies with the spokesman and deputy spokesman of the Popular Party in the Defence Commission, Antonio Gonzalez Terol and Jesus Postigo Quintana, being the first contact with the new spokesman who …

PFEARFU Meeting with the Chief of Hellenic Army General Staff

Abstract – On Tuesday, 19 February 2019 PFEARFU had an official meeting with the Chief of Hellenic Army General Staff (HAGS), Lieutenant General Georgios Kambas. During the meeting, the Chief of HAGS expressed his solid support to the unionism, stressing that the priority of all of us must be to improve the everyday …

Salaries and Payments of Military Personnel in Spain

Abstract – Spanish military associations, including EUROMIL member associations ATME and AUME, have requested a specific meeting of the COPERFAS about the salaries and payments of military personnel. The associations held a press conference in which the President of ATME insisted that it is necessary to update the salaries of …

Protecting Without Being Protected – Basic EU Social Standards Not Applied To Security Personnel In The EU

In recent years, the EU has frequently made use of the provisions in Article 153 of the TFEU to set minimum standards on working and employment conditions of workers in the EU. Although the European Commission consistently tries to define “workers” as broadly as possible to include all workers, the …

World Cancer Day

On World Cancer Day (4 February 2019), EUROMIL highlights the need to guarantee the occupational safety and health of military personnel. There is only limited data on the occupation of cancer patients on a national and European level. Estimates of the European Trade Union Institute (ETUI) indicate that 8% of …

An Armed Forces Made Up Of Soldiers Paid With Almost 1.000 Euro

Abstract – The salary paid to the soldiers in Spain is between 1.000 and 1.150 Euro, therefore the second lowest salary paid to European soldiers just after the Portuguese. This article narrates the difficulties found by the Spanish soldiers to find a way to reach the end of each month with …

ATME Meets Javier Cano, Spokesman For The Ciudadanos Defence Commission

Abstract – ATME achieved that the Ciudadanos’s Defence Spokesman studies the proposals of the organisation to include them in the electoral program: Integration of all the scales in the same Law of the Military Career an improvement in economic rewards, validation in the studies achieved within the FAS, are some of the …

Social Dimension of European Defence: Interview with the Commanding General of Headquarters Eurocorps Lt Gen Jürgen Weigt

In the past years, a huge emphasis has been put on the security and defence in Europe. New asymmetric threats such as terrorism, cyber-attacks, organised crime, human trafficking, and disinformation campaigns made security one of the biggest preoccupations of EU citizens. Nevertheless, when thinking of the EU defence sector, its …

CS Presidents Congress Speech Was A Call To Politicians To Take The Strain On Employees In Danish Defence Seriously

CS (Danish Central Association of Permanent Defence Personnel) had their Congress on the 9th and the 10th of November. CS President Jesper K. Hansen’s opening speech on the Congress was directly targeted towards the Danish politicians and the commanding officers in the Danish defence. The Danish defence has the same …

Picking the Right Momentum in EU Decision-Making!

One of the main points of criticism on the European Union and its decision-making process, is that it is slow and that it takes a lot of time before the results are visible. Yes, but … even more than in national politics, EU decision-making depends on reaching a consensus – …

DBwV Participates at Berlin Security Conference

Abstract – Deputy chairman of the DBwV Hauptmann Andreas Steinmetz and Karl-Heinz Bög, member of the DBwV working group “Europe” participated at the Berlin Security Conference. The Conference took place in Berlin and dealt foremost with the topic of European integration concerning the foreign and security policy. For the DBwV …

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